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Introducing AFS Singapore (Paralegal) Pte Ltd (“AFSSIN” or “AFS SINGAPORE”) formerly known as Access Management Consulting and Marketing Pte Ltd. UEN/Company No. 201013297K. AFSSIN is registered with ACRA as a Registered Filing Agent and ACRA Certificate is FA20143336. AFSSIN is a member of the AFS Group and Access Finance and Securities (NZ) Limited.
AFSSIN is available at: www.linkedin.com/company/afs-singapore-paralegal.

AFSSIN practiced and offered senior paralegal services to members and affiliates of the AFS Group and Access Finance and Securities (NZ) Limited on an "In-House" basis. Senior paralegal services in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Corporate Finance, Regulatory Compliance, Regulatory Investigation, Commercial Contracts, Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

AFSSIN allows "In-House" member or affiliate to enjoy cheaper cost, speedy delivery of legal support materials, managed by personalized friendly with professional approach. With the assessed facts, you make a better educated decision.

AFSSIN allows "In-House" member or affiliated law firms and companies to maximise resources, avoid incurring high legal labour cost, eliminate legal recruitment expenses and improve productivity. Inconveniences, backlog and interruption of legal information when your legal employee is either absent, on leave or resigned is also eliminated. Furthermore, you enjoyed the sharing of experience with AFSSIN dynamic and multifaceted paralegal experts, combining with broad legal knowledge, including deep practical experience in international corporate law, with a unique skill set encompassing corporate finance, public listing, regulatory compliance and investigation, high level negotiation and dispute resolution ready to assist you at any time to meet your project or case needs.

If you are a member or affiliate of the AFS Group or Access Finance and Securities (NZ) Limited, you can either retain AFSSIN as your "In-House" Paralegal or "In-House" Counsel on Contractual Terms or even on a Case by Case (piece meal) basis to suit your project or case needs.

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